Manchester Column Mailbox Door Hinges

Manchester Column Mailbox Door Hinges
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Before placing an order for replacement hinges please review and determine which style of door hinges you need. Due to three different designs and manufacturing changes happening over the years we have three types of hinges for your replacement. Please review images below to determine which faceplate design you own. Please insure that the hinges on your mailbox can be removed before ordering new ones so as to avoid having to return the hinges in the event there is excessive corrosion or other damage that might prevent the replacement of the hinges.

Door style 1: Back side of the door is stamped as shown in the picture. Hinges have side screws for easy removal.

Door style 2: Back side of the door is stamped as shown in the picture.

Door style 3: Back side of the door is blank and may have manufactures sticker as shown.

Hinge Replacement Instructions:

1. Look inside the mailbox for the two screws, one on the left and one on the right side of the frame. These screws secure the frame to the mailbox container. Remove screws and save them for later.

2. Pull frame out of column and away from mailbox container. If it does not come off easily due to silicon adhe-sive please use a rubber mallet (or similar tool) and tap from inside of the frame until it pops off.

3. Remove screws that secure hinges to the frame and replace with new hinges. When installing new hinges please do not tighten screws all the way but leave them a little loose.

4. Replace hinges on the door side, leave screws loose.

5. Adjust the door and frame hinge screws so the door opens and closes properly, tighten screw. Remove the old silicon adhesive around the frame and apply new silicon adhesive for water resistance.

6. Replace assembled door and frame into column and replace screws that hold the faceplate to the mailbox container.


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