Gateway Front and Rear Opening Column Mailbox

Gateway Front and Rear Opening Column Mailbox
Item# SI-175D
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The Gateway front and rear opening column mailbox inserts have doors on both ends to provide for mail retrieval from the rear of the mailbox column. It is available with non locking doors on both ends or with a slotted front door for the mail carrier to insert the incoming mail and a locking or non-locking rear door.

The mailbox consists of two sleeves that you can adjust during construction to accommodate a column depth from 14" to 23".

The Gateway column mailbox inserts are hand made in America, by American craftsman.

The Gateway column mailbox insert is made entirely of brass and features a unique proprietary hand applied finish designed to achieve a naturally aged patina.

Each mailbox is hand finished resulting in slight variations between individual mailboxes, however the image depicted is a very close representation of what your mailbox will look like.

When new, the finish will have varying degrees of red and brown, with pink and yellow hues possible. As it ages, the colors will darken and dull transforming into a dark natural patina that will last for decades without peeling, flaking or degrading, as inevitably happens with paint and powder coat finishes.

All of our column mailboxes are designed to add beauty and functionality to any mailbox column constructed of brick, stone, stucco or other materials. Click on photo above to view larger image. This listing is for the mailbox only, masonry columns are not included.

For optional address numbers, select quantity of numbers needed, then enter up to 5 numbers into the text field. Addresses requiring 5 numbers must include the number one, otherwise only 4 numbers will fit the door width. The address plaque shown at the bottom of this page will accommodate up to 5 numbers.

3" high solid brass numbers are brazed to the front door and become a permanent part of your mailbox. They are custom made to order and take approximately 10 days to ship.

Address numbers are attached before the finishing process, resulting in the same natural patina finish as the column mailbox.

Locking option available with purchase.

Numbers are $12.00 each. Orders with address numbers ship in approximately 10 days.

Matching address plaque are available below. Click on image for details.

The mailbox flag includes an "L" shaped bracket for insertion into the grout joint of your column mailbox and is constructed entirely from solid brass and copper. As with the mailbox, it will age gracefully and develop a dark natural patina. Please note that if you select the locking option there isn't a place to leave outgoing mail. Available only with the purchase of the mailbox. If you'd like to order a flag separately contact our office.

Dimensions: Mail slot 8 W x 1.75 H.

Dimensions: Faceplate 9.5 W x 10.25 H x 14-23 D.

Dimensions: Rough opening 8.25 W x 9 H x 14-23" D.

Overall depth: Adjustable from 14" to 23".


Gateway Column Mailbox Address Numbers
Gateway Column Mailbox Address Numbers
Gateway Column Mailbox Insert Locking Option
Gateway Column Mailbox Insert Locking Option
Gateway Column Mailbox 3 Digit  Address Plaque ... Mounts on Column
Gateway Column Mailbox 4-5 Digit Address Plaque ... Mounts on Column
Gateway Double Column Mailbox Flag
Gateway Double Column Mailbox Flag

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